Vic DiCara

Our first text is about a slick but sleazy character named Vic DiCara (aka Vraj Kishor). It is difficult to pin down Mr. DiCara regarding who his guru(s) in Vedic astrology are or how long he has studied etc. (Why that is so will become evident in this text.) The best information that we can get is found in an introduction to an article (Reconciliation of The Tropical Sidereal Zodiacs) that he wrote for Saptarishis Astrology (dead link, the article has been removed from the database it seems) wherein it states:

“Vic DiCara has actively participated in Vedic culture since 1991. He began practicing Jyotisha professionally in April of 2008. He received mantra-diksha into the Rupa Goswami sampradaya of Gaudiya Vaishnavism and has translated and taught courses on many subjects of Vedic Philosophy and Rasa Theology. Additionally, Vic is a professional musician who has toured the world and published records extensively since 1988. His ability to bridge the conceptual gaps between East and West and to simplify complexities without losing subtlety has gained him renown already in Astrology and in all his pursuits. He currently offers private readings and personal instructions and can be reached via his website:”

His introduction doesn’t actually say when he started his study of Vedic astrology. Rather he vaguely suggests that sometime between 1991 and 2008 (the earlier the better) he began his study of Vedic astrology. And (we are led to assume) that when he had completed his long years of study and was mature in his understanding he began to professionally practice Jyotish in April of 2008, to great renown.

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